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National Video Game Museum, Prosper, TX

The National Video Game Museum is a must see for all gamers and those who appreciated video games growing up. Whether you played Packman growing up, Mario Smash Brothers, World of Warcraft or Call of Duty, these games have paved the way for gaming. Video games have become a hobby or past time for many, and some competition against the best in the world. It’s no wonder why this industry is a billion dollar industry, there are so many to choose from for all ages, there is always something to do or create.

Video games date back to the 1950’s, and this museum’s goal is to preserve the history of video games with the physical games itself but also the meaning behind them all and provide education.

In addition, the National Video Game Museum promotes those who wish to seek the gaming or technology-based industry through scholarships. However, you must be a Texas resident for 3 of the different types of scholarships, but a 4th they offer is open for woman nationwide.